Baluchari Sarees of Bishnupur

Production- Among the plethora of sarees woven with the aid of the weavers of West Bengal, the Baluchari sarees of Bishnupur and the adjacent regions of West Bengal are very famous. The Baluchari sarees are hand-woven by the weavers of Bishnupur, inside the Bakura District of West Bengal.

Material used- The sarees are made of natural silk. Right from the rearing of silkworms to its weaving and packaging, it requires colossal care and difficulty.

Origin- The sarees were originated inside the 18th century in the course of the time of Murshid Quli Khan. Under his patronage, those sarees became famous everywhere in the international. Baluchari sarees have been first woven through the weavers of Baluchar, a village inside the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Later, throughout the British Era, the artwork of making Baluchari sarees become at the verge of extinction.

Revival of the sarees- However, it turned into Shubha Thakur ( an artist from the Tagore clan) who revived the lost historical past of West Bengal. Previously, the Jala loom became placed into use. Later, Subha Thakur took the initiative of introducing the Jacquard loom.

Description of the saree- The duration of the sarees is ready 15ft and the width is forty two inches. The sarees are specially manufactured via the use of natural silk threads. The numerous gildings at the sarees are chitro, Kolkaa, parh and buti.

Design- These are remarkably noted for his or her stunning designs no longer best in the aachal component, but also within the overall frame. In a few sarees of Bishnupur, the aanchal part and the kuchi component are well embellished.

Varient- Another speciality of these sarees is The Swarnajari sarees. They are hand-woven by means of the use of golden silk threads. The design on the pallu is a variation of current themes.

Use of modern concern- These sarees are great for their elaborate designs, colourful and lustrous appearance, perfect color combination and outstanding topics. The issues consist of gods and goddesses, scenes from the Mahabharata, the dancing ladies of the court of Nawab. The designs offer a hint of royalty and beauty. Each and each saree is a specimen of the undying saga.